What Our Clients Say About Us

Everyone's experience of the Centre is personal to them. That is why we maintain an ongoing dialogue between staff and clients to ensure that our services are re-evaluated and continually updated.

This is what three of our long-term clients have to say about Over Day Centre:




I come to the centre because it gets me out of the house on my own. I can’t walk very far because I have a problem with my leg and my eyesight is failing. I used to enjoy knitting and reading, but my eyesight means that I can’t do anything anymore. The centre gives me something to do where my sight doesn’t matter. I can talk to friends and staff. The carers do quizzes and activities with us, which don’t need good eyesight and so I can join in.

I’m not very good at making new friends. I’ve never been outgoing like that, but everyone at the day centre knows me. So, it doesn’t matter if I’m shy. I can’t believe I’ve been coming to the centre for nearly five years. It’s one of the few times each week that I get out of the house.

Me coming here also gives my daughter a break. She can have time to herself without having to worry about me. She needs a break. The only alternative would be for me to go into a residential care home, but I like being with my family and grandchildren.


I started coming to the centre only one day a week, but I enjoy being here so much that I now come four days. It is like my second home. I have always enjoyed being with people and I like to socialise. Coming here, I meet with people that I have known for years. Some are friends that I know through church. Everyone is very friendly.


I love it here! It’s always been about community and getting people together. Before the pandemic there were lots of visitors coming to see us from New Road Preschool and the local schools. I think it’s good to have contacts with the local community. And so many of the people who come here are from other villages. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, because we’re all friendly to each other.


We are so lucky to have the Day Centre. It’s a real gem and has always been popular with the local community. There have always been plenty of volunteers and I’ve never heard anyone with a criticism about it.

Coming here breaks up the week. We have activities to do and the staff are really wonderful. They can’t do enough for you