What Our Clients Say About Us

Everyone's experience of the Centre is personal to them. That is why we maintain an ongoing dialogue between staff and clients to ensure that our services are re-evaluated and continually updated.

This is what three of our long-term clients have to say about Over Day Centre:


Jean - Over

I’ve been coming to the Day Centre for about six years. I used to come with my husband, Eric. At first, he didn’t want to come. He kept saying “That’s for old people!” But I finally persuaded him and we both loved it! When he passed away I just sat at home depressed. I thought “What’s the point of anything?” But one of my daughters said, “Come on mum, why don’t you go to the Day Centre?” I didn’t want to go without Eric. We were married sixty-eight years and had six children.


When I came back to the Day Centre there were a lot of us in the same boat: you know, widows. And that helped because we all understood each other, and what we’d been through. The Centre has been my lifeline.


Now I come every day. It’s always been fun. I have a laugh; I have a chat. I like it when there’s something going on, like the children coming to visit, or when there’s music. You can ask anyone who comes here and they’ll have something nice to say about the Centre.

Paul - Willingham

My sister started coming to the Day Centre after she had a very slight stroke, which she got over completely in about a year. She really enjoyed her time at the Centre: said it was a very friendly place. When she died, my doctor suggested that I should come to the Day Centre. I took a bit of persuading, but I tried it, and have been coming since 2014.


It is a very good place to come. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Everyone talks to you. I would recommend it. I recommended it to my long-time friend, Ken who I used to go to school with in Willingham in the 1930’s. He likes coming with me twice a week. The Centre minibus picks us up and takes us home.

This year another of our school friends joined the Day Centre. John moved away from Willingham. We lost contact. It was a lovely surprise to see him again. The Day Centre brings people together: it's all about the company.

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