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Telegraph Highlights Lack Of Support For Dementia Sufferers

This week's Telegraph published a front page article on the shortage of day centres for older people who suffer with dementia. As facilities, such as Over Day Centre, are being forced to close due to cuts in funding from local councils, dementia sufferers are finding themselves hospitalised which, in turn, is placing a strain on the NHS.

What the article, published on Monday 17th of February, especially highlights is the need for social care so that the families of dementia sufferers are given a break from the 24 hour responsibility of looking after a loved one.

It is all too clear to everyone involved with Over Day Centre that dementia is not a condition that affects the sufferer alone. It is a condition that affects everyone associated with that person, and is especially demanding (both emotionally and physically) of the primary carer (often the spouse or a child of the sufferer).

Whilst day centres provide social interaction and care for attending clients, they are also a lifeline for the families. They allow an older person to stay independent for longer, and delay a family's decision to seek permanent residential care for a loved one.

Read more in the attached Telegraph article...

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